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Our enrollment procedures are as follows.

1) Contact us. Email us at info@yorkers.jp to request an application form. Please specify which school you are interested in (Machida or Setagaya) and which course(s) you’re interested in (After Kindergarden, After School).


The After Kindergarden program is only available in our Setagaya school.

2) Send the completed application form to admissions@yorkers.jp. We will review the application criteria and requirements first, then discuss an appointment time with you.

School viewings must be booked at least a week in advance and are available between 9:30 and 10:30 from Monday to Friday in our Setagaya school.

3) Come and view the school. A staff member will show you around the facility and talk to you about our schedule, methods and what our school has to offer and potential start dates. Talk with your family about your decision.

4) Bring us the signed contract. When you’ve decided on our school, bring or send the contract to us (email: admissions@yorkers.jp)

5) Come and join us.


Due to limited spaces and entry requirements, we might not be able to offer you your desired start date.

The typical starting date is the 1st of every month after the entrance and tuition fees have been paid.

Our current fee list is available (here)